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3delite MP3 Stream Editor Full Version - Merupakan software audio editing yang dapat kita manfaatkan untuk memotong (cut), memecah (splitter), menggabungkan (joiner) dan juga mengedit file mp3 (editor).  MP3 Stream Editor dapat juga bekerja sebagai music manager dan music player serta memungkinkan penggunanya untuk dapat melakukan pengeditan tanpa sedikitpun mengurangi kualitas audio.Features
  • Winamp DSP Plugin support
  • In 32bit DSP mode Direct Stream Recording encoder receives 24bit audio data
  • List popup menu "Add to Encode List..." works with every supported stream format
  • New supported playback formats: TTA, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AC3 (needs bass_ac3.dll), Speex, AACH
  • Automatic Audio CD Title lookup from cddb/freedb database. Single mode updates (much faster switching between streams, etc.).
  • Reads Helium Subtrack infos and 2 new MP3 encoding Presets for mobile phones.
  • Album mode for lossless Flac format with full support for Subsongs or burning back on CDs nearly no modification to quality or music.
  • Stream 32bit WAV Plugin recognises Subsongs and Music Modules, together with CD/DVD Burner Plugin writes all formats to Audio CD.
  • CDDB/freedb for CD ripping, submit CDInfo back to CDDB/freedb.
  • Lossless Recording to Flac format.
  • MO3 format Encoding in EncodeList, default Playlist format has been evolved to MP3SE Extended .b4s.
  • Updated Subsong System support (Stream 32bit WAV Nero Burner Plugin now writes Subsongs too). Stream from Memory without disk acces!
  • New formats: FLAC, OptimFrog, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, Musepack, AAC/MP4 (needs bass_aac.dll - MP4 FAQ)
  • Recording directly in Windows Media Audio format. Much smoother seeking in streams and legacy SoftwareVertexProcessing support.
  • CD Digital Audio support widened, increased Stream accessing speed, converging the Stream, Encode and MultiTag List: Folder browse mode, Commands and Channel controls available for every Acquired file.
  • MPEG frame header bit changer (set Copyright, Original etc. bits) Advanced Subsong system and full .CUE sheet support including:
  • Grab AudioCDs in Album mode (one MP3/WAV file with .CUE sheet/MP3SE Subsong system)
  • Cut - slice MP3s based on .CUE sheet entries
  • Join - create one big MP3 stream and generate it's .CUE sheet from small MP3 files
  • Visually edit subsong start points including artist/title for each subsong, or even generate .CUE sheet or Subsongs from scratch with few mouse clicks
  • Playlist compatible, subsong order in playlist is saved/loaded
  • Support for LAME header and it's MPEG frames count description for opening MP3s.
  • Reads Ogg Tags, streaming URLs (Internet streams) to local drive now works.
  • Sample display can scroll to follow playing position.
  • New Plugin Winamp Input Plugins Bridge allows loading of any file type supported by Winamp input plugins.
  • New Plugin Sonique Vis Bridge for using Sonique visualisation plugins.
  • Extended support for Music Modules.
  • WMA Encoding Plugin.
  • Ogg Vorbis cuts without decoding.
  • Stereo sample display.
  • Preview Cut/Paste before actually doing it for perfect cuts!
  • New high precision Spectrum analyzer visualisation plugin.
Changes in version
  • New sample edit effect 'Fade volume shaped' (can be applied to selection)
  • New sample edit command 'Trim to selection'
  • New sample edit command 'Append clipboard content'
  • Support for the new Opus audio codec (opening, playing, encoding to and CD ripping to)
  • Improvements to CD ripping
  • Updated Lame to version 3.99.5 (now supports 32bit float audio for input)
  • Various many minor fixes and improvements

Update Link download (09-01-2013)
Mirror via Rapidshare
Link password: koskomputer

1. Ekstrak
2. Install MP3 Stream Editor ( jangan di jalankan programnya )
3. Copy dan paste Patch ke direktori installasi MP3 Stream Editor
4. Jalankan patch Pada kolom paling bawah (lihat gambar di bawah ini) pilih MP3 Stream Editor setelah itu klik "Patch"

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